„Kung Fu“ is an old Chinese term that only became established as a generic term for Chinese martial arts from about the 1960s. Kung Fu (or „Gong Fu“) is usually translated as „hard work“. Gongfu originally referred not only to the martial arts but also to other areas and ultimately to the whole of life, referring to virtually every „skill that comes about through hard work over a long period of time“ all aspects of human life require hard work and time. This is what „Kung Fu“ actually means. In order to obtain „Kung Fu“ in the Chinese martial arts, regular training over a long period of time is necessary. And this is best structured, systematic (uplifting) and „with content“, i.e. not just stupid repetition „without spirit“. „Gongfu“ then comes practically automatically but only if you train „correctly“ as described above. You can also train „wrongly“ for decades without „Gongfu“ setting in „automatically“. And in a certain sense, the training never stops even if you have reached „Gongfu“, although you can refine it anyway until the end of life.

Marcel Allgemein

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